Our HDRI Panorama Collections are used by well-known CG-studios and free Artists in the whole world. With a rich Fundus at scenes and lighting situations we offer a comprehensive support to the CG-Artists for their work projects. 

Within our workflow it is highly important to produce a fullspherical illustration without disturbing picture elements. The .hdr - format is the most well-known and by the user applications also the best supported format. In addition we offer most panorama products in the OpenEXR format, which provides smaller file sizes and thus a more economic workflow.  

During the production many different exposure stages of a set are recorded and later melted to the HDRI. In addition we use at least 11-16 different exposure stages, whereby a very high quality is reached, also within the very dark and very bright ranges. The quality of a HDRI is determined considerably by this exposure stage depth. If within the lower or upper range these important stages are missing, the HDRI looses functionality. Here we also focuse on quality instead of mass.